Our Services

Comprehensive Career Assessment

In order to move forward, you must take a few steps back and reflect on who you are now and determine where you want to go. This includes an in-depth analysis of personality style, key interests, values and strengths. 

Personal Branding

Managing one’s career is a self-promotion process. You can’t stand out if you don’t know what you stand for. We help you clarify your value and help you convey your message on paper, online and in person. 


 The old-school resume does not work in today’s market. We have the latest knowledge of what it takes to make your resume stand out with recruiters and applicant tracking systems. We make your resume sing. 

LinkedIn Optimization

Let us write your LinkedIn summary and structure your experience in a way that is google friendly and gets you noticed. 

Cover-Letters & Job Search Correspondence

It takes a great deal of finesse to grab people’s attention in a cover-letter. Our methodology is short, sweet and it gets results. It’s a strategy we love to teach so that you can take charge of your search. 

Social Media

 Your network is your career insurance. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook, we’ll show you how to leverage these platforms and strategically grow your network. This is a vital component of your career management and job search. 

Interview Preparation

In this competitive market, every interview counts. As prepared as you may think you are, there are always blind spots. We hone in on those blind spots and help you prepare by offering valuable feedback that you will not necessarily get from anyone else. 

Individual Coaching

Need an objective voice to discuss your career challenges and goals? We help you gain a fresh perspective and insight that will leave you with greater clarity and feeling more empowered. 

Job Search & Networking Strategy

Are you still using an old fashioned approach? We teach you how to create a targeted approach so you can access the side door to the hidden job market. Let us help you find the critical information you need to expand your job search prospects. 


Why Hire Us

Donna and Tava offer a unique blend of psychological counseling and concrete coaching to take their clients on a journey from soul search to job search. Our collective experience reaches beyond 30 years and Careerfolk has been successfully helping professionals and budding professionals since 2005. 


  1. Trained Counselors: We are trained counselors with demonstrated ability to identify deep-rooted barriers and strategies to overcome them.
  2. Certified and Expert Resume Writers: We are well versed in the latest resume requirements and job search strategies to arm you with all the tools you need.
  3. Industry Advisors: Our industry advisors specialize in areas such areas as law and finance to offer further in-depth advice.
  4. We’re Connected: We have a vast network and we believe in fostering connections for our clients where appropriate.
  5. Broad Industry Knowledge: We have worked with professionals in every industry and in every capacity from entry-level to senior management.

If you are stuck, underemployed, recently graduated, dreaming of a career change and don’t know where to start, in need of a new resume or effective social media training, we can help.  

Career Coaching FAQ’s

What can Careerfolk do for me?  

We will work as your partner to accomplish your career and/or job goals. Careerfolk prides themselves on providing an holistic career management approach. This means that we do not follow a prescribed, pre-packaged plan but rather create a customized program which gives you exactly what you need and nothing more. 


Do you work long distance?
Yes, we work nationally and internationally by phone, Skype, Google Hangout and email.

How do I choose a counselor?
Consider these questions in terms of what is important to you:

  • What kind of help do you need – has the counselor/coach worked with this issue before?
  • What relevant experience does the counselor have?
  • What is the counselor’s process?
  • Are you comfortable in the initial telephone conversation with the counselor/coach?

How long will it take?
The number of meetings (in person or by telephone) will vary based on what you want to accomplish.
One career issue: 1- 4 hours
Job change: 6-10 hours
Career change: 8-14 hours
Social Media for Job Search (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook): 1-5 hours
People are generally more successful if they work with a career counselor over time in an ongoing coaching arrangement.

How do I get started?
Please click here to schedule a “Get Going” strategy session to find out how Donna or Tava can help you move beyond your current impasse to a more fulfilling career.

Careerfolk can assist you with:

  • Identifying your values, interests, and skills through the use of career assessments
  • Uncovering your career ‘pain’ or unhappiness to help you get unstuck
  • Exploring new career paths
  • Investigating specific professions and/or industries
  • Planning and executing a job search campaign
  • Understanding how to optimize social media
  • Creating resumes and cover letters that open doors
  • Turning interviews into job offers
  • Achieving a promotion
  • Managing office politics, or
  • Working on difficult office relationships