What Our Clients Are Saying About Careerfolk

Career Change Clients:

 “Donna is a pleasure to work with. She is an attentive professional who is focused on understanding the goals her clients seek to achieve and who tailors the planned solution to their strengths. Donna is careful to note the challenges that her clients will face and works with them to strengthen their chances of success.” 

Ingrid R. Private Banking to International Affairs 

 “Donna is enthusiastic about her career and explained how to begin a job search and how to assess my career goals. I look forward to continue working with her to fulfill my goals. Thank you Donna for being there for me!” 

Susan C.  Assistant VP, General Reinsurance 

Partnering with Tava has been one of the most rewarding career investments I have ever made. Seriously. Our work together on self-discovery and personal branding has catalyzed a fantastic new direction for my career. What else can I say? She is the best!

- S.Greenbaum, Digital Transformation Specialist

 “Donna has been very helpful to me during my ongoing process of career development. I found both the practical exercises she guided me through as well as her regular meetings very useful in building skills, esteem and morale. Her understanding character and her practical experience make her a effective counselor and coach.” 

Kevin K Senior Web Developer 

Resume & Cover Letter clients:

“Thank you again for your helpful work on the resume & cover letter: Following on it, a new school called me last week for an interview…..This marked a better rate of return in contrast to the previous targeted mass mailings.. I am hopeful."

August L. 

 “I love it. It is just fabulous. I can’t believe this resume is for the same person as my old one. But it really is me. The way you’ve done it shows who I am and what I’m about. Not just a boring list of things I’ve done on past jobs, and with volunteer work stuck at the end as an afterthought. I sent it to a long time friend (19 years) and she loved it."

Jean K, Re-entry 

Job Search & Networking Clients:

 “…Her approach to the task was methodical and thorough. She was invaluable in directing me to review and refine my career goals, develop a strategic approach to moving forward, and build the necessary materials to achieve my objective. From this I developed a professionally styled resume, “action-oriented” letters of introduction, and a battery of questions to ask during an interview. She also provided links to employment web sites that I had not previously considered for my professional arena. Donna’s technique of having her clients consistently return to the primary reason they have engaged her….in my case for career development/change…is very important for achieving positive results. She is very personable, has a wonderful sense of humor, and was a pleasure to work with. I was successful in getting many interviews and two job offers, one of which I took. I would certainly recommend Donna!” 

Duncan H, Horticulturist 

"I worked with Tava through a three-session 'course' this Spring and my very professionally-worded review would be: mind = blown! Her knowledge of the workplace, career landscape, and interviewing process never failed to amaze me. The prerequisite work I did for the sessions and our scheduled phone conversations had me thinking about my career in ways that had never crossed my mind! If you're looking to change industries or really hone your job hunting skills, my advice would be to sign up for as many sessions as you can afford. They go by quickly, and each is packed with information. I definitely intend to use her services again in the future. The toughest part is trying to internalize all her insight and incorporating it into my new career outlook.” 

C. Davis

“I was searching for someone with an international background to provide long-distance career counseling. After year’s of living outside the US, Donna helped get me back in the loop. She has excellent knowledge of web-based career resources, and worked with me through several exercises that helped me focus on what I want and where I want to go. She’s a great person, easy to talk to, and really proactive. I highly recommend her!” 

Tom Divney, Senior Corporate Sustainability Specialist, Costa Rica

“I must admit I was a little skeptical about how effective career counseling was going to be – I had an unfortunate image of my high school guidance counselors. After my experience, however, I cannot recommend Careerfolk any more highly. During my first session, Tava led me through some exercises to find out precisely what I was looking for in a career. It turned out that what I said I wanted and what I really wanted were not the same thing. . .Tava also struck a perfect balance between supporting and encouraging me while honestly advising me of practical considerations.

“Within two months of my first call with Tava, I had found a new career path, had a new resume, had increased my social media presence ten-fold, had reviewed job application and interview strategies, and was making plans to move to a new city. Calling Careerfolk was one of the best decisions I have made, and I could not be happier!” 

R. Murphy

 “Donna was invaluable to me in finding job leads and landing several interviews. From revamping my resume to offering great moral support, she was an integral part of my job search. So much so that I even looked her up again to seek her guidance in my current search. Her influence and assistance is beyond words.” 

Bancha Srikacha, Distribution Manager, 

 “Donna is just a delight to work with. She is unbelievably knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and extremely generous. I was, and still am, amazed at the depth of her business acumen and her understanding of people and organizations as a whole. Combine that with her passion for the work and sincere desire to see you succeed, and you have a real winner. You can’t go wrong with Donna Sweidan on your team.” 

Lance Contrucci, Project Manager 

LinkedIn Development & Training

“Donna delivered a presentation about LinkedIn that really opened my eyes to what’s possible by using LinkedIn effectively. While expertly mixing clear, informative slides with real time demos, her crisp narrative showed an excellent ability to think on her feet and a genuine concern for giving her audience what they need most – the “why” and “how to” for professional networking with LinkedIn’s evolving technology.”  

Vaughn Spurlin, Software Engineer 

“Donna enthralled and inspired the Connecticut Press Club with her demonstration on using LinkedIn for career advancement and new sources. She’s engaging and is a superb communicator. We got great feedback about her and the presentation she gave. We were lucky to have her and consider her one of our most memorable speakers.” 

Sherry Shameer Cohen, President, CT Press Club 

College & Graduate School Decision-Making and Application Process:

 “I knew that I wanted to pursue a PH.D., however, I wasn’t certain about which schools to apply to, or which area to specialize in. Donna Sweidan’s guidance helped me chart a detailed and clear map towards achieving these goals. Donna’s questions about my passions, interests, motives, academic background and financial situation illuminated every step of my graduate application process and the type of work I wanted to do with children. Following my meetings with Donna, I applied to the New School Social Science graduate program and got admitted into the Department of Psychology for the spring 2006 semester. Donna’s invaluable guidance and advice inspired me to search for my puzzle pieces in the right places, and to finally create my academic and professional puzzle.” 

Katia Smith 

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